What does Bonabooch taste like? Wind-chafed cheeks. Berry-stained fingers and the first bite of ocean water on your toes. Approved by mother nature herself, Bonabooch Kombucha was a gut-health remedy created at a Bonavista kitchen counter. Today, it’s formulated from locally-foraged wild foods you’ll find on the breezy clip tops and marshy barrens of a Bonavista summer, bottled and brought to you by hand-selected retailers throughout Newfoundland.


Our small-batch brews – recognized by Économusée and as a UNESCO GEOfood – create the highest-quality, naturally-occurring, tangy-sweet kombucha you’ll enjoy on the go or mixed in your favourite cocktail. Get adventurous with flavours infused with local lavender, chaga mushroom, wild rose petals, and arctic golden root.


Bonabooch Kombucha’s passion for locally-foraged foods, our commitment to green business practices whenever possible, and our unique fermentation process means we can boast the most effervescent, refreshing beverage this side of the overpass. Take a sip.